Collavate Workflow

At Collavate, we understand how difficult it can be to have coworkers and management review work. Emails get buried, document invites get lost, and files can fly under the radar. With Collavate Workflow, these worries are things of the past. With our deadlines and reminders, you can rest assured reviewers see the documents. Our approval workflow records approvals and comments in real time, and tracks the history of approval for you. This way, it's obvious who has and has not reviewed the work.

Keep track of your documents and reviews with our scheduled workflows and workflow deadlines. These features allow you to create a deadline for approval and multiple levels of notification to ensure your documents are reviewed in a timely manner. Our scheduling feature allows you to create templates or documents and set them to repeat at whatever interval you need. This helps to automate repetitive tasks so you can move on without worry.

Collavate workflow keeps track of document version history and change over time to ensure everything is always up to date. Along with our powerful review and approval tool, and historical data from that, your documents and data are safe and secure with a detailed virtual paper trail. The most important piece of review is the approval, though. Ensuring your documents are approved and up to date is where Collavate shines. Collavate uses single or multi layered approval structures to ensure cooperation between the whole team.

Our ever expanding suite of features allows you to use Collavate as you need. From simple single approvers, to complex, multi-layered approvals and reviews, Collavate has you covered. Our clients use Collavate to manage their Quality Policies, software versioning, or simply to track change over time for internal documents. Our system adapts and conforms to your business needs. We can even customize Collavate to fit your organization!

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Collavate is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

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