Collavate can help your company by improving your approval and versioning workflows. Let Collavate automate your file submission and reviewing needs.

Collavate for PR & Media

Every client has different needs, whether those are in the form of scripts, copy, or simply just proposals and estimates for new clients. Collavate helps keep track of the newest versions and the change over time for these documents. What's more, Collavate allows you to submit any type of document for approval, so banners, ads, and even videos can be reviewed and approved by your internal teams and your clients. Collavate helps automate the communication and approval process you go through everyday to make a more efficient overall workflow between your team and your clients.

Teams are becoming more and more spread out as the gig economy begins to proliferate into your industry. Collavate helps bring these people together with a collaborative approach to document creation and management. Our group feature allows users to work on a central project or topic without the interruprtion of other posts or documents, and dedicated group folders keep all of the files related to a project together. No more spread out files or searching for documents, we keep them all in one place.

With so many moving parts and different requirements, handling a ton of projects simultaneously can become difficult to manage. Collavate helps reign in the complex structures of multi-layered approval and review to ensure a neat and intuitive workflow. We strive to make creating, editing, review, and approval easier than ever before. Let Collavate control and manage your documents and workflow so you and your team can focus on what really matters - your clients.

Collaborating is the heart of a well-rounded team. Having everyone centered is integral to the success of your company. With policies and workflows changing all the time, Collavate helps by being reflexive to the way you and your team create together. Along with our social collaboration and historical document tracking, rest assured your documents will change as required, with Collavate behind to handle the difficult parts.

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Collavate is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

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