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Collaboration, cooperation, teamwork - recently these terms seem to pop up everywhere. For good reason, these are elements of the best companies and products, but how do we plan for collaboration at the base level? Collavate encourages teams to work together by creating a space for collaboration. Our software was built from the ground up with this in mind. Posting a document is the beginning of a conversation. Comments and opinions are updated in real time, no waiting for the site to process. Collavate helps teams stay connected, no matter how far apart they are. Take us for example, our team is spread out over the world, and Collavate keeps us working together.

Collavate helps reign in the complex structures of multi-layered approval and review to ensure a neat and intuitive workflow. We strive to make creating, editing, review, and approval easier than ever before. Collavate keeps your team working together from end to end. We automatically share your documents to the appropriate teams, manage the permissions, and take care of the final review and approval so everyone has their voice heard at every step of the creation process.

Collaboration with team members is an integral part of creating anything these days. A new product, new software, or even just writing an article; having another set of eyes is always advantageous. Collavate allows you to collaborate in real time, even if your team is far apart. Take a vacation, work from home or a coffee shop, or hire someone 1000 miles away. Collavate keeps you close by creating a space where working together is easy and intuitive.

Working in a silo hampers creativity and can doom a product before it ever truly lives. Working together with peers and coworkers helps to eliminate the walls of your box, and allows you to step outside with other viewpoints and objective opinions. Equip your team with the best tools for success, to create the best product they can. Collavate can't be beat when it comes to collaboration.

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