Fundraising and grant writing is a complex process, but Collavate can help you simplify your workflow. Using layered and tiered approval structures, you can submit documents with one click.

Collavate for Non - Profits

Document management is a crucial part of how a non-profit functions. Grant applications, fundraising drives, design materials, the list never ends. With Collavate's document managment capabilities, you never have to worry about finding or storing files again.

Our document manager keeps track of versions, templates, and historical approvals to ensure you have the necessary records to keep your organization up to date and in compliance with your goals.

Collavate helps take care of all of the in-between stuff so your employees can focus on the task at hand. Review and approval are built in to our workflow, so as soon as a document has been completed, anyone with access can submit for review. Workflow with layered approvals allow everyone with a stake in the project to comment, review, and approve or reject documents to ensure proper handling.

At Collavate, we understand how much goes into your work. Fundraising, document submissions, and grant writing are all detail oriented processes; Collavate helps keep everything organized and up to date so your team has the most efficient workflow possible. Our document manager even keeps track of permissions to establish clear, up to date versions of your documents.

Put all of the pieces together, together! Use our collaborative posts to create documents with the people on your team. Effective communication is one key to success, allow your team to work together seamlessly. Collavate connects employees allowing them to have conversations while creating documents, ensuring everything fits.

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