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What is "Workflow Logic" and how can it make my business more profitable? 
Matt Lockmer - Compliance
Garrett Bonfanti - Design

Running a business without workflows is like building a house without blueprints; you can do it, but it may not turn out well. Often, businesses rely on the inherent mental workflows of a rockstar employee to remember these processes and manage them accordingly. Unfortunately as a business grows, this type of mental gymnastics becomes less and less sustainable.


With Collavate, you can automate accountability through approvals and reviews of documents, training manuals, and publications. Workflows are an integral part to ensuring you keep in compliance with policies and regulations. Using workflows helps eliminate the stress of scrambling to find answers, and empowers employees to always know who to contact. Take a step in the right direction with us here at Collavate with our November Webinar. We hope to see you all soon!

What You Will Learn 

What dedicated process workflows are, how to implement them, and how to use Collavate to help. We will show a demo of using Collavate to automate workflow approvals and communication, and explain how using workflow software can improve your business overall, regardless of sector. Matt and Garrett will also talk about their personal experiences creating and implementing detailed workflows in their current and past roles, challenges to expect, and how to overcome them.

Who Should Attend?

HR Employees, Administrative employees, Project managers, Upper Management, Manufacturing Clients, Legal Clients, and anyone interested in how workflows can help their business.

Date: November 19, 2019
Time: 10am EST / 1pm PST
  • Learn to maximize workflow efficiency.

  • Understand workflow in your workplace.

  • See how Collavate helps you manage complex workflow tasks.

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