With Collavate, you can automate your publication approval and document publishing. Let us help your employees be more efficient than ever before.

Collavate for Marketing

Drafts, drafts, and more drafts. At Collavate, we understand how difficult it can be to manage versions, reviews, and approvals with large amounts of documents. From press releases to new web banners, we have you covered. You can update, edit, or submit new files and the Collavate document manager will keep track of the different versions and the changes over time of your document. This keeps your document lifecycle from fizzling out before something has been approved. It also cuts down on the amount of sharing, emailing, and messaging your team needs to do to collaborate.

Create and manage all of your most important documents through Collavate. We track and record all historical approval information and review status to ensure you are always up to date with your document process. With our deadline and scheduling features, Collavate will send additional notifications if a process has not been fully reviewed. Add in tiered and multi-layer approval structures, and you have access to one of the most powerful document management products available.

Posting and chatting on social media is like second nature to most people now, and here at Collavate, we want our uses to have an intuitive and simple experience with our product. Through our document posting method, users are able to create documents together through Google Docs, and use Collavate to start a conversation about edits, next steps, or additional material necessary. Other files can be attached to your documents for evidence or additional support. Collaborating has never been so easy!

Keeping in contact with your teams and securing timely feedback are critical to marketing companies. Clients come back with changes last minute, and they need to be implemented and approved in a moment's notice. With Collavate, you can automate the approval structures to ensure a fast and accurate response from all the stakeholders. Don't hold yourself back, try Collavate and increase your productivity today.

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