Collavate takes the guess work out of policy management and document publishing. Allow you employees to go to work everyday armed with the most up to date documents, and allow your management to review and approve everything with ease.

Collavate for Manufacturing

Looking for a way to manage all of your documents, policies, and orders? Look no further! Collavate’s platform allows you to store all of your documents securely in Google Cloud to ensure everything stays where it’s supposed to be. 


Utilize our intuitive workflow process to submit documents and policies for review. Ensure all stakeholders are able to review and comment on a document before it’s approved. This way, everything is up to date and created properly.

Collavate keeps people working together. Research shows collaborative teams are generally more efficient, and produce better work than employees working alone. Cultivate open communication and collaboration within your teams by using Collavate, creating private groups for teams that can’t share with everyone, and start seeing the benefits!

Make certain your documents are up to date and reviewed. Collavate offers a powerful workflow tool with version tracking built in, allowing your company to take full advantage of a document history, as well as a domain-wide approval sequence. By creating documents and processing them through Collavate, your teams are able to collaborate on any type of document, have a conversation about it, then post it to their superiors or clients for approval. Eliminate the hassle and all of the back and forth emailing! Use Collavate for all of your document control needs.

Collavate can help manage your day to day procedures, and even automate some of your important processes. With Collavate’s deadline setups, template storage, and reporting features, you can track submissions, approvals, and changes all through your Google Apps. Without having to manually create new spreadsheets or edit an old template each time you need a document, Collavate keeps your versions fresh and new, and can report your template processing data directly to a database.  

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Collavate is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

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