Human Resources

Learn how Collavate can help elevate and empower your HR team to being more productive and organized.

Collavate for Human Resources

Collavate enhances your HR staff's power to control and manage their documents. We help keep your time off requests, expense reports, and other frequently used documents as templates to save time and standardize the submission process. You can also created dedicated workflows for each document, ensuring the proper authorization and review is given for each document. Read more below or contact us for more information and a demo!

Our performance tracker allows you to create a monthly review for each individual employee and track progress over time through our reporting features. Not only do you stay on top of employee progress, but our notifications ensure the reviews are always performed. We do our best to help track employee progress and goals to make sure your company is effective and efficient.

Collavate has a powerful reporting tool baked in to our workflow. This allows you to create templates as described above, and take the approval, submission, or even cell data baked into a spreadsheet and report it to a different document. Having a reporting feature enables a higher level of transparency for upper management and accounting to skip the small details, and get a 10,000 foot view of the company's processes and how it is running.

Collavate can help manage your day to day procedures, and even automate some of your important processes. Our software allows you to create template documents for all of your employee management tasks. Expense reports, time off requests, and hiring and training materials can all be sent and managed through Collavate. This allows you to create standardized processes to effectively manage onboarding procedures and other common new employee tasks. You can even setup reminders to perform reviews at your own custom intervals!

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Collavate is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

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