Collavate organizes and controls files so you can rest assured everything is reviewed and approved. Scroll down for more!

Collavate for Administrative Tasks

With a powerful document manager baked in to Collavate's platform, you are able to create and organize files with domain managed permissions. At Collavate we're committed to allowing you to perform filing, document creation, and document review completely paperless. Using our workflow tool, you can ensure new client intake forms, billing paperwork, and purchase approvals are all reviewed and approved by the proper staff. Contact us for a demo to learn more about how Collavate can help you stay organized.

By automating simple and repeat tasks, Collavate eliminates the need to constantly create, resubmit, and seek approval on constantly changing documents. With our template feature, even documents that need to be created fresh are simple and intuitive to complete and submit. Productivity and efficiency increase because you are able to spend time on the softer skills and interpersonal communications instead of managing documents according to policies, Collavate takes care of that for you!

Workflow is an important part of creating and maintaining all of a company's documents, and as part of an administrative team, you life is documentation and review. Our platform allows for multi-layered approval structures, ensuring approvals happen from the proper people at the proper time. When a document is rejected, we record the comments to ensure the next submission will be approved. Collavate can also be configured to report approval and submission data to a separate file, removing the small details, but keeping track of important document movement and review.

Collavate makes it easy to implement standard processes into your billing and reporting workflows. By creating and utilizing templates, everyone submitting a document uses the proper format. These template results can also be funneled into a reporting sheet, allowing auditing of the overall use, or overall expenses, instead of searching sheet by sheet for the answers you need. Let Collavate lighten your workload through simple automation.

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Collavate is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

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